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A Sensory World

July 13th, 2015 Posted by Ideas, Projects, Uncategorized No Comment yet

Sensory_illustrationSensory experience has long been a deliberate and vital element of the curriculum of early learning environments. Now, local goverments are experimenting with the deliberate addition of sensory elements into the public open space of communities.

But what is sensory play, and why is it important?

Sensory integration can be broken down into three main systems; tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive. The tactile system refers to the information processed in the brain from under our skin, such as temperature and pressure.  The vestibular system refers to the brain’s ability to understand the position and angle of the head even when the eyes are closed. Proprioception is the ability of the body to work with the physical environment around us, and relates to motor skill ability.

Children learn naturally when engrossed in play, and play environments are well-placed to provide stimulating sensory opportunities. This is particularly important to children where one of these systems does not work optimally, and the child perceives things differently to others.



October 21st, 2014 Posted by Creating, Projects No Comment yet


Today I had the privilege of receiving the Kidsafe award for best Public Playspace up to $500,000 for the Botanic Gardens Play Space on behalf of the City of Greater Bendigo.  It brought back memories of the intense and exciting construction period, and of all the talented people who contributed to the project.

Although during the process I thought we were creating something special, it is really rewarding to have others assess it and find it worthy. I have been involved in previous conversations about why awards are really necessary, and whether just doing your job well should be enough, but awards programs exist in many professions, particularly design. It seems to me that even if you work hard and diligently, you are not always blessed with a remarkable outcome. When you are, it should be celebrated.