Castlemaine 1950’s House

Client: Private     Status: Constructed     Category: Residential, Concept Presentation

The recent owner wished to create a more personalised rear yard that complemented the house and was responsive to her living requirements.

An existing garage in the middle of the yard was re-purposed as a studio that opens to a paved terrace adjacent to the 1950’s brick house. Opening the lounge to a new deck on the northern elevation will provide an additional outdoor living space. Removal of the driveway encroaching into the yard and formalisation of a parking space on the south side of the house will dramativally extend the permeable green space.

A new vegetable garden, chicken shed and other utility spaces were carefully arranged to maximise open space and attractive views. A new low retaining wall running around the paved terrace and enclosing the retained lawn will provide a sense of arrival, a connecting feature and will protect the house from water inundation.