Ironbark Gully Trail

 Client: City of Greater Bendigo         Status: Project Planning        Category: Urban Environments, Master Planning

This project was commissioned by the City of Greater Bendigo in partnership with the Friends of Ironbark Gully and Project Renew. A 2km narrow corridor of publically owned land was identified as a potential shared path route.

The corridor included land currently used for active recreation, passive recreation and drainage functions, and is mostly bounded by rear residential fencing. Consideration was also given to existing heritage and conservation values, particularly the role of the land in managing storm water flows down the gully.

The City called for a ‘place making’ approach to the concept plan for the linear trail, to assist in the engagement of the local communities in its development and to increase usage. This objective was realised by developing a concept plan that prioritises “community use, ownership and wellbeing”. The project included extensive stakeholder engagement with internal and external parties.

A comprehensive plan and report was prepared outling the proposed shared path route along with additional planned planting and infrastructure.

Project coordination and GIS expertise for this project was provided by RMCG.