School Sensory Garden & Courtyard

Client: Creek Street Christian College     Status:  Constructed     Category: Educational Environments, Play Space Design

The College wished to create a stimulating, creative and attractive space between classrooms and an active play area. The space was sheltered by existing trees and a new pergola.

The structure of the garden was developed around three zones; the desert garden, the art garden and the lunch garden. Each garden was designed to have a distinctive feel based on the elements and plantings included. of the gardens responded to different senses, some higlighing sight and texture, while others interpreted sound, taste and smell.

The gardens were linked with a path allowing access. Some areas were open allowing large groups to gather, while over time some other areas will provide opportunities for more enclosed and private settings.

An adjacent courtyard was redeveloped to replace large areas of brick paving with shaded and comfortable social spaces for students.