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“As the years go by we view our familiar surroundings with less and less freshness of perception. We no longer look with a wakeful, perceiving eye at the faces of people we see every day, nor at any other features of our everyday world.”

John W. Gardner, Self-Renewal; The Individual and the Innovative Society

Spring seems an appropriate time to consider the notion of renewal. The emergence of delicate and determined leaves is one of my favourite punctuation points of the year.  Both a seeming miracle and an ordinary event,  it marks the passing of another year of life.

Renewal within the garden is a robust process that occurs without much conscious attention, but what does it take to renew your own perception?

As we get older, with more experience and more commitments, it seems harder to keep your mind open to new and engaging ideas and to take on new challenges. This seems to apply to organisations as much as individuals. As we become more process and outcome driven, we sometimes lose the flexibility and responsiveness we started with.

So what qualities foster renewal of perspective?






This is my personal list; allowing time for these in my life increases my own motivation and capacity, and contributes to better results in life as well as work.

In starting this business, one of my goals is to freshen my perspective through the process of working with others to fulfil their needs.


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