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Adapt_illustration_flatIn the wake of the talks in Paris, there is much focus on a commitment to actions to minimise the effects of climate change. While this is absolutely vital, there is no doubt that these changes are already in motion, and will have far-reaching impacts.

What might life be like in a large Australian country town in 30 years time? Through a process of  scenario planning and design I have prepared an exhibition that reflects on these issues. I propose some wholistic solutions that respond to a changing climate while addressing social equity and resourcing issues.

Castlemaine 2045.
Climate change is here.
The energy crisis impacts on the daily life of people. Cars are too expensive to run for many. Air conditioning is for the rich.
Extreme weather events are a regular occurance. Those elderly, the children and the poor are affected most severely.
The range of fresh food diminishes as transportation costs increase. Food security is a challenge.
Water is an expensive resource.
Thirsty and heat-sensitive trees and plants wither and die.
Bushfires are an unpredictable threat for most of the year.

What if Castlemaine re-visioned it’s future?
What if adaptation to climate change became a central force of planning for both the council and the community?

Castlemaine: Re-visioned is a scenario based planning exercise that explores the what might result from investing in climate change adaptation and rethinking our options as a community.
What if we built a public space that served the needs of all the community, but particularly those of limited resources?
What if we built a sustainable food production network that fed our community?
What if we re-designed our urban places to reclaim some formerly car-dominated space?
What if we managed our water with intelligence, technology and generosity?
What if we worked together to develop a vision for our future and how it will be achieved?




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