La Trobe Plaza

Client: La Trobe University Bendigo      Status: Part Constructed 2020        Category: Urban Environments, Educational Environments

A new central building for the Bendigo campus of the university left an expansive concrete apron that needed articulation and planting to create a people friendly space. Careful assessment was made of circulation routes and required emergency services access, as well as the relationship to the adjacent building and sports area.

Some large areas had ben excluded from the concreting to allow for in-ground tree planting. These were used as the basis for custom constructed furniture, creating human scale seating areas. While trees were planted, in the short term umbrellas provide respite from the hot Bendigo sun. DDA compliant seating, recliner lounges and large coloured planters complete the space. The adjacent building will support a canopy of climbing plants and also provide water misters to mitigate the summer heat and cool the space.

An adjacent area to the west was used as the works carpark and left in a gravelled condition. The concept plan for this area was built on a ‘pop up park’ concept, with surface level interventions and a space the students could customise for themselves. This has not been constructed as yet.